The "WTBRT" tackled the front suspension update of #112 on Sunday. We installed
all the "treasures" after pulling the old front suspension from a shreaking #112 who
claimed there was nothing wrong with her old stuff.

WTBRT autocross report SCR-SCCA

Whew, even in a nice 93 Buick Park Avenue Ultra, a 460 mile round trip
and a SCCA autocross is a bit much. Scott mentioned we should try
to run ole #112 at South Carolina region SCCA' s autocross this
last Saturday (yesterday). The event took place in the huge parking area
which is adjacent to the USC football stadium and across the street from
the State Farmers Market in the downtown area of Columbia, SC.

A perfect 30 days

While everyone is reflecting on things to be, I reflected on the past
30 days and how Corvair perfect they have been. Scott Trunkhill and
I took WTBRT ole #112 to the SECC event in Mt. Dora Florida where
we enjoyed 2 full days ( March 27,28) of Corvair autocrossing with only
a popped fan belt to slow us down.

ULTRA rebodied Race Car

Many of you on the list may be unaware that there is an ULTRA
LM race car. It was built by East Coast Rep. FrontMan and his
capable assistant Scott TH of www.Corvair.US fame.

WTBRT ole 112 success

At Warner Robins ole#112 ran in Middle Georgia SCCA's solo II autocross yesterday. Scott Trunkhill and I made the decision on Saturday nite about 9 pm to give 112 a shakeout and see what would happen. Both of us were a bit apprehensive since we had never been through the "hoops" at an SCCA function. Inspection was a no brainer compared to our CORSA inspections.