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Mosport, NECC, and Buffalo

By carmerjr - Posted on 02 August 2006

Monday was a magnificent day at Mosport International. The 2.5 mile road track is an awesome experience that makes Virginia International Raceway and Road Atlanta mild in comparison.

Darth Vair was having mechanical problems in #6 cylinder and thus later earned the "Canadian Goose" award for the fastest 5 cylinder Corvair at Mosport. I learned an important racing lesson on how to drive "slow",even with 110 octane racing fuel in your gas tank, and finish. Now #112 WTBRT co-driven by Scott and I was a whole
different experience with drivers and vehicle both performing top notch. This time the Old man took advantage of young "Mudflaps" and drove the course faster. I was reaching speeds in excess of 110mph in the back straight of Mosport while Scott was cruising at 100 mph. As I drove this famous course I could only imagine what it must be like with dozens of competitors so close they could touch bumpers or fenders as they careened through the constantly changing curves and elevations. An absolute wonderful experience which I doubt I will experience again in this lifetime. Totally rewarding is an appropriate description for having the chance to drive both Corvairs on this track and in the process be able to add "International" to speed event competition venues for Darth Vair and for WTBRT # 112. A Very big Thanks to Stan East, NECC, Brian ( do it my way or else) O'Neill and all the others who made this a a totally satisfying day at the track.

This year I did not run Darth in the autocross after experiencing the engine problems at Mosport. However Scott and I both drove #112 WTBRT and had a ball on the Lancaster Speedway. With our new engine and our "ULTRA" exhaust resonators we were able to go fast, make noise and eliminate our famous "mosquito fogging" for which our previous "ULTRA" engine was famous. This time "MudFlaps" was out for revenge on the Old man and achieved it, but not without a fight. We have now completed 28 runs with the new engine. 22 of those runs were 2.5 miles long as they were at Mosport.