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Doesn't get much better

By carmerjr - Posted on 30 April 2007

On Sunday, Scott Trunkhill and I met at Ted's Auto Body in Tucker, GA. Our goal was to prepare a donor body for WTBRT #112 and to obtain "Group Red" status for "Goldie" by day's end. We were helped by Mark Ligler, longtime Corvair Atlanta and CORSA member.

Mark sold us the solid 1965 Corsa with the provisions that he would retain the drivetrain, the telescoping steering column, wood steering wheel and factory quick steering box. Mark will be using all of these in other Corvairs he is restoring.

We quickly got to work and soon Scott and I had the drivetrain removed. Mark arrived later and we completed the removal of the steering items after removing the front sway bar and the gas tank. Mark had driven his Rampside and we easily loaded the intact drivetrain in the lower Rampside bed after removing the dual exhaust mufflers and tailpipes from the Corsa drivetrain. Mark left for his house and Scott and I finished the day by removing both rear trailing arms and axle assemblies, brakes, strut rods and emergency brake cable for storage at his new pole barn. We next removed all the seats and carpets, insulation and seat belts for disposal or storage. By sunset we had entered "Goldie" into Group Red where she will patiently await her BEEF transplants from the original #112. It was another day full of sunshine and the enjoyment of participating in the Corvair hobby. "It doesn't get much better" !!! :-)

Chuck Armer