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Corvairs in the Curves 2004

By carmerjr - Posted on 27 September 2004

Well folks we autocrossed in Greenville SC this yesterday afternoon. It was an absolutely perfect autocross forecast, sunny, slight breeze, low humidity and temperature in the high 70's. Bruce Schug and his crew did an outstanding job and we raced from about 2:45 until 6 pm.

Ed Kelly's trophies were just as special as promised and everyone was duly impressed. The major sponsor, Mr. Kevin Whitaker, ( Chevy dealer in Greenville) was unable to make it to our Corvair event but his huge banner was prominently displayed between two large oak trees. Maybe he didn't get the word that I had washed my racing shirt and told Scott to wear a clean shirt !!!

The electronics, timer, PA system and most especially the "times" recorder, Kathy "Better Half" Schug, operated flawlessly all afternoon. We had some fast Corvairs in attendance and the FTD of the day was deftly removed from the grasp of the "Home Boys" (Tony Ellison and Bruce Schug) by David Clemens who motored in from Roanoke and went home smiling with his 1st place trophy, the Corvair camshaft lamp. He beat Tony Ellison with an excellent 48.3+- second run. We had 4 Corvairs/powered vehicles and one H20 pumper (Miata) with sub 50 second times.

One of the most noticeable differences this year was the number of Lady drivers. We had 4 ladies competing and the competition was fierce. Jane Bird was victorious although stiff competition was provided by the Pattys.

Richard Jenkins was his usual calm self as he negotiated the course with his Greenbrier smoking tires as it was leaping and leaning through gates and slalom cones. The fastest EM was Kevin Poe in his Dad's 1962 canary yellow convertible which recorded an excellent mid 50's time that was far better than many LM's.

WTBRT #112 once again performed flawlessly with Scott and myself combining for 15 runs which now puts the total runs around 165 since we began in early 2003. I edged out Scott this time with a time of 52.661 vs 52.669. We both turned our best times on our last runs. Of course Scott ran 9 times to my 6 times but his quest for victory was for naught as superior driving skill prevailed !!! We had stiff competition in the sponsored Team field as our Meat competitor, "The Flying Pig" racing team had motored in driven by a "Bird". However, we cooked the Porker and plucked the Bird and sent both back to Lyman, SC. Better luck next year FowlMan !!!

A great day was had by all and many many door prizes from Clarks Corvair and Michelin (Donnie Bird) were shared by all. Thanks to all our hosts from SC for a wonderful day of fun and comraderie in our Corvairs.

Chuck Armer

Ps. "ChoirBoy" aka Barry Ellison didn't quite "tweak" his newest motor and ole #112 smoked him.