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Corvair Olympics

By carmerjr - Posted on 11 August 2008


Mount Olympus, Indiana
Friends, Countrymen, Corvairians, We come not to praise but to compete in the First
Corvair Olympiad. From all corners of the world Corvairs were summoned to vie among one another for the fowl rewards. Individuals, teams, and families struggling to become festooned with the feathers of the large headed extinct Tweeties. Some competitors even being brazen enough to cover their Corvair chariots in various hues of the color yellow as if to gain an unfair advantage in the eyes of the Head Tweety.

The Triad of events unfolded with the running of the Putnam Road Course in the rolling hills of southwest metro Indianapolis. Here the gauntlets were thrown among the teams of BBRT (BoHunk Brothers Racing), GoNed Racing and WTBRT (Where's The Beef Racing Team). Friendly rivals all, these racers were certainly representative of Corvair owners everywhere. They were competitive, respectful, and considerate of one another as well as the facilities in which they competed. Even the 'hired guns', SethMeister (Seth Emerson) for GoNeds and FailingWhalen (Paul Whalen) for BBRT were well behaved considering they both stole rides J
What none of us expected was a Pace Car for the practice runs but sure enough we had our own Corvair pace car driven by TortoiseTerry of GoNed fame.

He ushered everyone around in his Golden Anniversary Sports Sedan at speeds which most were unable to attain as he whisked down the track in excess of 55 mph !!!

The WTBRT # 112 driven by JuniorBeef (Scott Trunkhill) was mixing it up with water pumpers

The BBRT boys were playing with their selves

And DallasJim well we all know he likes to be alone ..

The course was magnificent, the weather great and the racing was awesome

BBRT COMP 36 Norris, Rick 65 Monza 160hp 01:35.84
GoNED SM 2 Dallas, James 64 Corvair 140 / 4sp .. 01:37.72
GoNED SM 14 Madsen, Ned 66 Corsa 140hp/4sp 01:38.10
WTBRT SM 112 Armer, Chuck 65 Corsa 140hp/4 .01:40.20
WTBRT SM 1121 Trunkhill, Scott 65 Corvair 140/4 ..01:41.25
BBRT IS-2 170 Whalen, Paul 64 Spyder 150/4sp 01:41.63
BBRT COMP 73 Sadek, Chuck 66 Corvair Yenko 167c/200?hp/4sp..01:42.11
BBRT IS-2 70 Smith, Smitty 64 Spyder 150/4sp ..01:46.02
GoNED SS-3 22 Kalp, Terry 65 Corvair 500 sedan 95hp/PG 01:56.24

Do you know who was 1st ?? First in Class went to the Sport Sedan driver TortoiseTerry who outraced all those wabbitts. He brung home the groceries and the Laurel wreath. Of course the head BoHunk would have waxed us all but his chariot had valve lifter problems L

The point system that NECC devised was awesome and although our Team rivalries continued in typical light hearted jousting throughout the Oilympics, it was the point system that challenged each driver and rewarded individual effort throughout all three days of competition. The class/point system encouraged all drivers to challenge their abilities and the Corvair they had chosen to drive but at the same time knowing that they could challenge all comers by driving aggressively and within the parameters of their vehicles limits.