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And The Beef rolls on

This August of 2008 has marked a milestone in the history of WTBRT ( 'Where's The Beef Racing Team' ). It is our 5th full year of racing in #112 which is our one and only Corvair racer.

The idea of creating a race car had been brewing in our minds back in 2002. Scott Trunkhill and I had both been considering trying to build an economical car to autocross. Several Corvair owners influenced our thinking along these lines and the 'Grassroots' magazine was certainly an encouragement when they were promoting their idea to build a fun car that could compete in different venues for a price to build that equaled the calendar year number ie $2002.

I had been contemplating building a car ever since I began racing my Senior Division Concour Corvair Darth Vair. I loved driving Darth in all the competitive events but I was also finding it more difficult to participate in the speed events and then have to ready Darth for the concours judging which was always after the speed events, By 2002 I had driven Darth in 7 speed events including twice at Blackhawk Farms road course and at the Virginia International Raceway.

Blown tireBlown tire: Tires blown out while towing car home.
The idea started becoming reality when Scott took the first step by buying a 1966 Monza coupe offered on an eBay auction in November of 2002. The destined partnership had a bizarre beginning when I came to the rescue during Scott's retrieval of his Monza from the previous owner in Rockmart Georgia. Scott had borrowed a tow dolly to bring his new treasure from Rockmart and then all the way across Georgia to Augusta on what the owner had described as 'roadable' tires. Scott's plan was to go and get the Monza, stop at our Sunday Corvair Atlanta meeting in Smyrna, Georgia and then continue on to Augusta after the meeting. I was president of Corvair Atlanta at the time and Scott called me before I left for the 2pm meeting to ask if I could help him. It seems that the roadable tires had failed in a rather convincing way.

I brought two good tires and rims to the Corvair Atlanta meeting and Scott left to rescue his new project from the road side. Because of all the delays in his plan, it was decided to leave the Monza at Ted Fahrenthold's body shop in Tucker Georgia. Scott would then continue on to Augusta and return the borrowed tow dolly to his friend. This would turn out to be a milestone in the beginning of The Beef Team. Autocross CarThe Beginning Corvair on tow dolly at Ted's.
Because the Monza was at Ted's, it allowed me the chance to examine the car closely and also get Ted's opinion about the logical possibilities of it becoming a safe race car.

The approach to the challenge then became more a matter of labor, money and time than a love affair with the ugly duckling that Scott now owned. Basically the car had a solid body and restorable suspension and drivetrain. There were the typical rust areas associated with any Corvair. The positives of a strong floor pan and very good rocker panels outweighed the negatives so the decision was made by Scott and myself that we would team together in the development of a jointly owned race car with the emphasis on it becoming an autocross car that would be able to compete in SCCA and CORSA speed events.