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976 x 2 = Fire and Ice (almost squared)

By carmerjr - Posted on 07 September 2004

Hey All, Miss Liz thought I was kidding. She should know by now that I am crazy. Yes it is 976 miles from Chamblee Georgia to Marshalltown
Iowa and for me that meant two days of driving to get there. No I didn't drive a Corvair or "Buttercup" but took the easy way out and put another 2000 miles + on the 93 Buick Park Avenue ULTRA . How could I resist? Scott Trunkhill ( Beef #2 ) had already hauled WTBRT #112 out to Iowa on his new trailer. Scott is originally from Iowa and visits family each summer.

What really was the icing on the cake was the fact that the SCCA boys would be on the same track as we raced on Saturday but they would be
there in force on Sunday. Now to add to Tim's report, I will tell you that the SCCA bunch came from Nebraska and Iowa to race, so many of them traveled some serious miles to compete.

We had some other vintage cars in attendance. An MGB, SAAB Sonnet, and Triumphs helped to confuse all the young group
and local teenagers who came to watch. It was a hoot to hear some of them talking about our Corvairs and how those "race cars" were really hauling because they had the "turbos" in them cause you could hear the difference............... comments about Rob Landers Stinger............. Actually the mix on Sunday was a nice variety. The big boys were some strong Ford Mustangs, A Corvette, MR-2's, Subaru Turbos, and some fast Miatas. The fastest times were in the 74-75 seconds so we were not too shabby from 79 to my slow 83.9. Many many other of the 120 drivers didn't even come close to the Corvair times.

WTBRT #112 ran and handled great and all of our hard work in redoing the complete suspension has made a big difference. The next tweak will also help as we didn't get to replace the ULTRA rear strut rods since Mr. DeckRug said there was nothing wrong with 100,000 mile bushings as long as the Previous owners hadn't abused them !!! #112 is acting just like a real race car. She showed Scott how to lift a front wheel off the ground in a spin and reminded me later in the day on Sunday how to 180 on a 15' wide track and not touch the grass.

The Iowa experience was well worth the trip and the Host members were super. Our Saturday race event was very family oriented and brought out members and families from infants to parents and ages to 85. I was warmly welcomed by all and joined the Prosise family for supper on Saturday night. I enjoyed seeing the WTBRT Iowa sponsors, John & Chris Miller and their family including the new "Monza Jr" addition. "Goofy" Dunahugh was his usual incorrigible self. Ken Campbell of V V notoriety and the IOWUH Chamber of Commerce
was busy selling "Korn". That little go cart track is an absolute ball to drive and is both challenging and rewarding. Race Partner Scott's family showed up in force and gave me the opportunity to meet his Mom and Dad and one of his sisters and her husband and three children. You know I might just do it again.

Co-Driver OLE #112
2004 Fire & Ice participant