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This August of 2008 has marked a milestone in the history of WTBRT ( 'Where's The Beef Racing Team' ). It is our 5th full year of racing in #112 which is our one and only Corvair racer.

The idea of creating a race car had been brewing in our minds back in 2002. Scott Trunkhill and I had both been considering trying to build an economical car to autocross. Several Corvair owners influenced our thinking along these lines and the 'Grassroots' magazine was certainly an encouragement when they were promoting their idea to build a fun car that could compete in different venues for a price to build that equaled the calendar year number ie $2002.


Hi Everyone, Myself, Spence Shephard, Chuck Sadek
and Sarah Beltrami have been working on an idea
for several months and would like to spread the
word now as it looks like we can make it work
with support from fellow Corvair owners and CORSA
members. This 50th year of Corvairs is obviously
special and several events have been planned to honor the Anniversary.

SECC St. Augustine Corvair Auto cross March 28/29 2009

Well it looks like Winter is finally releasing it's hold on the Southeast and we will be having a great

2008 Central Florida Corvairs Fall Autocross

Corvair Videos from the 2008 CFC Autocross.

2008 Fall Corvair Affair Autocross

Autocross held in Wake Forest, NC as a part of the 32nd annual Fall Corvair Affair hosted by CORSA/NC.

Videos from Summit Point

You will notice that in my off course run my objective was to wake up the corner worker whose yellow vest was obvious as he was getting ready to bail out of his pagoda. Actually I was also trying to get the 1995 Eagle Talon off my tail and it worked quite well.

NECC Time Trials at Summit Point

The NECC held Time Trials at Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit. We ran the full 2.2 mile configuration.

Summit Point Videos

Videos from the NECC event at Summit Point